Company Profile

GX Connect (Pty) Ltd t/a Gaproc Media was established in 2009 with its core focus on digital media. Gaproc Media’s structure has taken the company to achieve a Level 2 BBBEE rating. The company management is totally committed to BBBEE and we believe in innovation and diversity to sustain our ever-growing operation.

Innovate to Differentiate! At Gaproc Media we apply the latest in technology and media advancements, whilst remaining conscious of your brand image. The world of digital makes up a large proportion of all brand engagements globally. Consumers are peppered with all sorts of digital ways to enhance their business and brand loyalty. Our Digital Strategies break the stereotypical manner that consumers engage with brands. Our methodology focusses on providing an all-encompassing solution that leverages off current campaigns and marketing initiatives which allows brands to intimately engage with its target audience through live business intelligence.

Gaproc Media has joined forces with strategic business affiliates in order to maximize customer value and minimize waste.

Sizwe IT Group is one of South Africa’s leading integrated ICT solutions providers. Sizwe is building and continuously strengthening partnerships driven by passion and skill, maintaining their position as one of our rapidly expanding, innovative partners of choice. Together we provide a holistic approach which ensures that all our clients benefit from the value we contribute across the entire value chain. Our partnership with Sizwe IT Group allows us to provide top quality field service and maintenance on a national level.



    “To provide holistic, brand-focussed digital innovation through incorporating all facets of the Gaproc Media Digital Eco-System; integrating cutting-edge technologies into our solutions through continuous research & development; aligning brand objectives and customer experience through customized solutions.”


    “To be the trusted digital media adviser and service provider in South Africa; working in partnership with our customers towards delivering and achieving sustainable and measurable digital solutions.”


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