Kaltura Virtual Classroom provides an easy-to-use experience purposely built for online instruction, standalone or integrated to your LMS.

With one click, instructors and learners alike can engage as if they are in the same room, no installation needed!


Engage your learners through interactive tools like a whiteboard, screen sharing, breakout rooms, real time notes, live quizzes and more

in an environment fully branded for your institution. Whether you’re teaching, conducting office hours, tutoring, or learning in a study group.

Kaltura Virtual Classroom is your dedicated learning environment.



Be There in a Click

One click to join virtual classrooms where participants interact face-to-face from anywhere and on any device. No downloads or installations required.






Prepare Class In Advance

With persistent virtual classrooms, instructors can prepare their rooms ahead of time, customize and brand them, leave, come back, and continue where they left off.




Engage Learners With Interactive Tools

Fun and collaborative tools like whiteboard, quizzes, and Q&A keep students focused and actively participating. Breakout rooms allow for smaller group interactions.





Manage The Classroom

Instructors can easily manage classroom interactions with advanced moderation controls and use attention indicators to bring focus back to the content.



Kaltura VC Icons
 Cutting Edge Video Conferencing

1.Browser-based (WebRTC) meeting, no download or installation needed
2.Screen sharing
4.Active speaker focus
Kaltura Interactive Icons
 Interactive Features for Focused Learning

1.Attendee chat and moderated Q&A
2.HD video playback
3.Collaborative whiteboards
4.Shared notetaking that can be downloaded
5.Shared content playlists for files, videos, presentations, and more
6.Quizzes and polls
7.Up to 30 breakout rooms in each session
Kaltura Learning Icons
 Made for Learning

1.Integrated with all major LMS
2.Persistent classroom
3.Brandable look & feel
4.Moderator chat for instructors only
5.Seamless cloud recording automatically shared in course galleries
6.Moderator controls with granular student permissions
7.Attention indicators and advanced engagement analytics
Kaltura Sharing Icons
 Enrichment and Sharing Tools

1.Captions, transcriptions, and translations
2.Session analytics and attendance information
3.Intelligent VOD search with AI-based automatic captioning and advanced metadata
4.Reuse content with video editing, chapters, VOD quizzes, hotspots, interactive learning paths, and more


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