About US


At Gaproc we care about you and your company, putting your success at the heart of everything we do. Having been in the industry for over a decade has helped us gain tremendous experience as not only communication technology experts, but as business owners who have experienced the ups and downs of the business world.

Here is the low down on Gaproc Media

Gaproc Media provides solutions on digital signage, corporate communications, audio visual, video conferencing, control rooms and all things relating to end customer engagement. The need for engaging communication solutions  has grown exponentially over the years. Digital signage has become one of the main ways brands engage with consumers, while audio visual and video conferencing has been thrust into the spotlight in the wake of a global pandemic. It is therefore vital that you partner with a technology provider who is able to understand your digital needs and provide turnkey solutions. Look no further than Gaproc Media. Started in 2009, Gaproc Media is a digital communication and tech  company whose mission is to provide engaging digital solutions that do not break the bank or leave you behind in the digital race.

Over the past five years we have overhauled our company structure to be better equipped to live up to our motto: Innovate to Differentiate. Like a prodigal son, Gaproc has returned stronger than before with a diverse team of individuals whose unique skills drive innovation at every level. Our dedicated team enable us to provide  a holistic service offering, covering everything from setting up digital signage, to content creation, and even control systems. One contractor, one name, a simplified solution for you!

Gaproc Media Mission and Vision

Our Values

We seek to build long lasting relationships to the point where you won’t be able to tell we weren’t part of your company since day one. 

Mission Statement

“To provide holistic, brand-focussed digital innovation through incorporating all facets of the Gaproc Media Digital Eco-System; intergrating cutting-edge technologies into our solutions through continuous research & development; aligning brand objectives and customer experience through customized solutions.”

Vision Statement

“To be the trusted digital media adviser and service provider in South Africa; working in partnership with our customers towards delivering and achieving sustainable and measurable digital solutions.”

Let’s Get Started

Working Together to Bring you Closer to the World!

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