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AV and VC is Now Part of Our New Normal of Working from Anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way we work, and as a result how our workspaces are set up. Audio-visual and video-conferencing (AV/VC) solutions have always been crucial to any business, and in the face of the pandemic has become indispensable. Companies have had to suddenly pivot operations to keep up with shifting work models and working requirements. As a result, companies are increasingly adopting hybrid remote work models. The main challenge of this work model is keeping remote teammates engaged with each other and those in the office.

Unfortunately, when choosing AV/VC solutions at the beginning of the pandemic most companies chose systems that could be implemented quickly. Since then, companies have adopted permanent hybrid work policies, and as such need to implement AV/VC solutions that are capable of empowering these new policies. This is especially true as the range of AV/VC solutions that can be used have expanded and keep getting better and better.

It is therefore important for companies to look for new and exciting ways to make use of these solutions, rather than sticking to the old traditional methods. Gaproc Media Head of AV/VC Corné Hubinger explains: “The AV industry is full of old people with old ideas. Gaproc Media’s aim is to turn that perception on its head and help our clients go into the 21st century with the latest and greatest tech that won’t break the bank so that they can work more efficiently, effectively, improving  productivity, and boosting profits.”

So how can AV/VC technology be leveraged to provide the best results for your company? Here are a few tips to make our transition to hybrid working seamless:

Update Short-Term AV/VC Systems

Now that hybrid working models are becoming permanent, it is time to upgrade the AV/VC system used. This includes upgrading networks, bandwidths, cameras, microphones, and software used for video conferencing remote work. By providing your teams with permanent, high-quality solutions you can improve their productivity and enhance collaboration.

Provide Connectivity Solutions

Hybrid remote working models rely on effective and seamless connectivity. In order to make the transition between remote and in-office work, employees need to be able to switch between the two locations quickly and effectively in order to get the best results. This extends to providing the proper equipment to employees so that they can work in any situation.

Enhance The Meeting Experience

With video meetings becoming the norm, implementing technology to enhance the meeting experience is increasingly important. There are two ways this can be done. First, use high quality technology such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms solutions that mimic the in-person experience of meetings. The second is setting up agile spaces which are in-office meeting spaces that offer the best user experiences. These rooms are equipped with the correct solutions that enable easy and seamless setups so that teammates, clients, and partners can easily join meetings.

At Gaproc Media we want you and your team to have the best working experience possible. Our team is on hand to help you implement unique AV/VC solutions that will boost your team’s productivity and collaboration. Chat to our team of AV/VC experts to make your hybrid work model feel seamless: Chat to our expert team today: CLICK HERE to contact us now!

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