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The constant dissemination of information and the development and distribution of key messages to the relevant stakeholders inside and outside of your organisation.


Corporate communication systems are changing rapidly

At Gaproc Media we understand the importance of corporate communications, and the need for a solution that empowers teams to work productively and seamlessly.

Gaproc Media Corporate Communications changing

At Gaproc Media we want your business to succeed

We want your business to succeed. In order to do that we become your trusted business partner and take the time to fully understand your company’s corporate communication needs to provide a solution that works for you and your budget.

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Information Any where, Any time, All the time… 

Gaproc Media Video Conferencing

Everyone uses video conferencing for communication

Bring your own Mac or Windows laptop and use any platform in the room while getting a world class experience by just connecting one or two cables to your own device.

Gaproc Media Reception Display

Corporate Comms in Reception takes your company to new levels

Reception screens are a great way to welcome your visitors and project a professional image of your business towards them.

Gaproc Media Airports

Airports are the perfect place to showcase your business news

Digital signage is known to help reduce perceived wait time by up to 35 percent so implementing screens throughout waiting areas is key.

Gaproc Media Customer Displays

Never leave your customers wondering again

Digital signage in retail can be used to direct customers to specific products, upsell items, provide wayfinding to toilets or help points and more…

Gaproc Media Waiting Rooms

Enhance your waiting room experience, engage your visitors

Engage your visitors. Digital waiting room displays are the perfect way to communicate with patients in waiting rooms and other public area.


Gaproc Media Restaurants

Provide the relevant information to your customers

Digital Signage for Restaurants and Bars. Add customer experience to your menu with live social media, sports, and digital menus.


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