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Our Preventative Maintenance is defined as the planned inspection and testing with the purpose of preventing system failure.

Gaproc Media first line telephonic support

First-Line Telephonic Support

We have a fully equipped Network Operating Centre (NOC) and Call Desk facility dedicated to monitor, report and support all our media endpoints in the market.

The NOC was established to assist with remote monitoring and support and will provide our customers with First-Line Telephonic Support. Should a call not be resolved remotely, this would be escalated to onsite maintenance.


Reactive Maintenance

On the receipt of a Reactive Maintenance call, the Service Desk System automatically opens a “ticket”, assigns a reference number and validates the priority level against the SLA. The “ticket” will indicate the location and all actions that need to be taken.

The technician attending to the call will follow the Checklist, as agreed with the client. On call completion, the checklist will be returned to the Service Desk for filing against the call number. This will serve as the signoff documentation and logged against the Service Level Agreement and will be available to all role players.

Gaproc Media Reactive Maintenance
Gaproc Media Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance is defined as the planned inspection and testing with the purpose of preventing system failures through assessing and/or maintaining the condition of the supplied system infrastructure.

Depending on customer preference, we can on an ongoing basis and in a sustained manner, provide preventative maintenance as frequently as is required (Monthly/Quarterly).


In Addition

We will identify the nature and cause of each problem and provide the client with future avoidance advice as well as undertaking any necessary preventative measures to minimize recurrence of the problem.


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