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Corporate Communications & the changing workspace

Corporate communication systems are changing rapidly as working models and business needs are constantly evolving. Recently, COVID-19 has resulted in an explosion of new software-based applications that assist companies to remain in contact while their teams are working remotely. At Gaproc Media we understand the importance of corporate communications, and the need for a solution that empowers teams to work productively and seamlessly.

Gaproc Media’s Head of Audio-Visual/Video Conferencing (AV/VC), Corne Hubinger, leverages his 15 years of experience in the AV/VC industry to keep Gaproc Media at the forefront of corporate communications. The Corporate Communication landscape is changing, primarily driven by the pandemic and the need for more flexible working solutions. “Audio Visual and Video Conferencing solutions today are vastly different from 10 years ago,” Corné states. “Businesses are seeking a hybrid approach and seamless connectivity with their teams who may be working remotely.”

From digital signage displays that are used to share essential information, to AV/VC cloud-based solutions that empower global and local teams to stay connected, an effective corporate communication solution is vital to business continuity. “At Gaproc Media we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that will enable our clients to collaborate effectively and efficiently,” adds Corné.

Trusted Partner

At Gaproc Media we want your business to succeed. In order to do that we become your trusted business partner and take the time to fully understand your company’s corporate communication needs to provide a solution that works for you and your budget. We pride ourselves in being brand agnostic to ensure that you get the best possible solution at the right price. Our team take the time to evaluate our clients existing infrastructure and assets and provide a solution that will meet the business requirements.

As a trusted partner, Gaproc Media will always put your needs over profit. “My main motivation for joining Gaproc Media was and will always be the fact that we focus on providing value in everything that we do,” Corné explains. “Our motivation and purpose as a company is not based on profit but rather on what we can do for our clients. We make sure we go above and beyond to ensure that we give our clients the tools they need to succeed.”

The Future of Corporate Communications

Looking to the future, Corné is excited for what advances in software and technology will bring to the AV/VC and corporate communications industry. “With the pandemic we have seen an explosion of new software and a reliance on video meetings that I think will continue as more people work from home or remotely,” he explains. “As an agile and flexible company with a management team that is trusted to work independently, we are able to make quick decisions to stay on top of trends, and therefore offer our clients the best possible service and solutions,” Corné concludes.

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