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When it comes to running a successful company, you need to have the right person for the job. The Gaproc Media motto is Innovate to Differentiate, and to live up to that, a thought leader is required to spearhead the company and drive the vision. Enter James Stander, Managing Director of five years who has brought his unique insights to the company. Gaproc Media provides solutions on digital signage, corporate communications, audio visual, video conferencing, control rooms and all things relating to end customer engagement. Driven by an innovative approach to the market, James is focused on being a MD that leads by example and pushes his staff to excel.

With a background in finance moving into the AV/VC industry was a dramatic change for James. When he joined Gaproc Media, he was excited by the opportunities and brought a unique perspective to an industry that was traditionally stuck in old ways of thinking. “People are getting bored faster than ever before as they are bombarded by messaging in so many different forms, which makes it hard to stand 

out from the crowd. Our focus is on innovation and finding new and interesting ways to interact and engage with consumers – we never want our solutions to be boring,” James explains.

Leadership with a purpose

When it comes to leadership, James believes in leading by example. He calls it servant leadership, working for his employees so that they are able to grow and reach their full potential. “At Gaproc Media our employees are what give us our competitive edge, and I am fully committed to ensuring our employees have the support and backing of management to constantly learn and upskill themselves as new technology is released,” James states. In this way Gaproc Media remains innovative and up to date with the latest changes in technology.

In addition to that, James always gets involved wherever possible and is very hands-on. He is often in the trenches, helping with everything from client briefings to setting up screens – a real jack of all trades. In this way, James is able to create a definitive vision for Gaproc as he understands every aspect of the business. Entrenching himself in the business, he gives 110% which aligns with his belief that managers and leaders should be the hardest workers, and often says: “You can’t expect your team to give 110% of themselves at work if you, as a leader, are only giving 70% or 80%.”

Keeping up with the changes

In an industry where technology is constantly evolving, James is excited for what the future brings. Due to the COVID pandemic the market has changed drastically, requiring unique communication technology solutions for effective corporate communications, digital signage, audio visual, video conferencing, control rooms and all things relating to end customer engagement. As a result, technology and digital communication is being adopted faster than ever before with the need for solutions and systems that are reliable, effective, and up to date. “I am excited to see how we can work with clients to adopt new technology solutions that enables them to communicate better, either with customers or their employees,” ends James.

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