Yealink RoomPanel – A Smart Microsoft Teams Room Scheduling & Management System

Enhance Room Management with Toyota’s Intelligent Solution

Revolutionize your meeting room management with Toyota’s Intelligent Solution, featuring the Yealink RoomPanel. This smart Microsoft Teams Room scheduling and management system streamlines meeting coordination and enhances productivity in modern workspaces.

Efficient Room Scheduling and Management:

The Yealink RoomPanel provides an intuitive interface to view room availability, book meetings, and manage resources right at the meeting room door. Its seamless Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange integration enables effortless room scheduling from the panel or your personal device.

Real-Time Availability and Status Indicator:

The RoomPanel’s LED indicator clearly displays room status with a green, red, or amber light, allowing users to quickly identify if a room is available, occupied, or reserved. The 8-inch touchscreen panel shows real-time meeting information, including subject, organizer, and time, making it easy for participants to locate their meetings.

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Instant Booking and Check-In:

With the Yealink RoomPanel, users can instantly book available rooms for ad-hoc meetings or check-in to scheduled meetings directly from the panel. The check-in feature helps organisations minimize room reservation conflicts and maximize resource utilisation.

Customizable Interface and Branding:

The RoomPanel offers a customizable user interface, allowing organisations to align the panel’s look and feel with their brand identity. With flexible options to display corporate logos, custom wallpapers, and multiple languages, the RoomPanel enhances the overall user experience.

Centralized Management and Analytics:

The RoomPanel can be centrally managed and monitored via Yealink’s device management platform, providing administrators with powerful analytics and insights into room usage patterns. This valuable data helps organisations optimise room resources and improve workspace efficiency.

Elevate your meeting room experience with Toyota’s Intelligent Solution, featuring the Yealink RoomPanel. Simplify room scheduling and management, and foster a more productive work environment for your organisation.

R10 900.00

T&C’s Apply:

  • Installation only valid for Gauteng and Cape Town. All other areas will carry additional costs for travel and possible accommodation which will be quoted separately.
  • Pricing is indicative and quote needs to be requested to confirm pricing.

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