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Take Back Control with IP-Based Control Room Solutions

The safety and security of staff, equipment, assets, and more are a priority for most business whether small or large-scale enterprises. The need for a scalable monitoring system or control room is a must have for businesses operating within the current environment. Whether they are being used for monitoring, controlling, responding, or communication, control rooms are a key component to daily operations and allow for more efficient work and better decision making. However, control rooms are often seen as only necessary or affordable for large and multi-national enterprises. The rapid development of technology over the last decade means that control rooms are now within reach of all businesses.

In the last decade, control room operators are increasingly leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) networking technology when setting up and updating control rooms. Utilising IP technology for the video, audio, and control data distribution provides greater flexibility and 

scalability for the set up and operation of control rooms. Gaproc Media Director James Stander adds: “Safety and security have become a primary concern for most businesses, driving the need for a control room set up across all industries. The rapid evolution in technology has resulted in more accessible solutions to businesses, large and small.”

One of the largest benefits of moving over to IP based control rooms solutions is the ability to install only key architecture such as network, host PC/Server with Zero Clients or Android Players which provide an almost limitless capability in their scalability and flexibility, thus creating controls rooms that can be tailored to any business.

Control rooms set up in the traditional manner use expensive hardware and complex systems can now be easily be updated to be IP based, enabling further growth and expansion. The flexibility of the technology used means that control rooms can be set up using any display device, from smart TVs, LFD screens to even projectors.

The scalable nature of IP based control rooms enables a control rooms to be set up at any size, from a singular screen monitoring a few components to a large set up monitoring multiple components of an organisation. Businesses can start out with small control rooms that can be expanded on as the company grows or as needed during peak production periods or extremely busy retail seasons, even segmenting existing displays to provide extra cover or additional screens can be added.

The placement of displays is also flexible. In addition to having one centralised location for active monitoring, additional monitoring displays can be set up in various locations giving different teams access to the same information. For example, onsite technicians can be assisted by technicians working from home who have their own monitoring set up linked to the central control room.

Ensure you have the best possible monitoring solution by partnering with an experienced control room team. At Gaproc Media our team of dedicated control room experts are able to design and set up control rooms tailored to your unique business needs. Our team is focused on providing you with a solution and optional Service Level Agreement that will fulfil your company’s needs and budget.

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