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Wayfinding encompasses the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.

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Ideal for Malls, Big Box Stores, Conference and Exhibition, Centres, Museums, Office Complexes, Universities, Transport Hubs, Casinos and Hotel Complexes, Cruise Ships and much more…


3 Click System

Easy to use:

Our touch screen way finding solutions are fun to use and designed with intuitive touch screen interfaces.

User Friendly:

Simple and effective listing of floors, rooms, tenants or any search criteria you choose to specify.

Quick Access:

With Smart Search users can enter in the first few characters of your query and smart search will provide relevant results.

Flexible & Customisable

Landscape & Portrait Modes:

To ensure our solutions fit any space you require, portrait & landscape modes allow for any look & feel you require.

Mobile icon themed interaction

In a day and age of mobile interactivity, our solution fits in with what everyone is used to.

Modern look & feel

With things constantly changing, we provide you with a modern look & feel ensuring you always look your best.

Dynamic Database

Centralised controls for the content on all wayfinders in the project. This enables changes to be distributed across all the wayfinders. The client has the ability to login to a portal to do dynamic updates.

Gaproc Media Wayfinder Dynamic Database
Advertising Opportunities
  • Increase your upsell opportunities.
  • Immersive solution for an engaging customer journey.
  • Customers don’t have to download anything.
  • Reducing printing usage.
  • Add product promotions, spotlight upcoming events, list contact information of destination.
  • Allows for still images and video’s.
  • Report on customer interaction.
  • The ability to weblink from adds to enhance customer experience.


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