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Our Workspace Management Solutions range from complex enterprise-grade solutions to agile & easily installed mid-size corporate requirements.

Workspace Management & Optimization

From boardroom booking and usage management to real time occupancy information, Gaproc Media has a range of Workspace Management solutions that enable facilities managers and retailers to assess their space requirements correctly and use what they have more efficiently.

Gaproc Media Condeco Software

Boardroom / Venue Booking

We offer smart Boardroom/Venue Booking solutions that simplify the process of reserving meeting spaces. Our system displays real-time availability, allows easy booking from any device, and even integrates with your existing calendar systems for ultimate convenience.


Gaproc Media SenzoLive

Desk Booking / Hoteling / Hot Desking

Our Desk Booking solutions are designed to promote a flexible work environment. Whether your team follows a hot-desk system or needs to reserve specific workstations, our solution makes it easy to find and book available desks, fostering efficiency and adaptability in the modern workspace.

Gaproc Media Workspace Management Solution FM Systems

Guest Management

Our Guest Management solution offers a seamless experience for your visitors. From visitor pre-registration and check-in to customized ID badges and notifications, we make your guests’ experience smooth and professional while maintaining office security.

Gaproc Media Condeco Software


Our intelligent parking management solution optimises the use of your parking spaces. We provide real-time visibility of parking space availability, reservation systems, and even navigational assistance for a stress-free parking experience.

Gaproc Media SenzoLive

Resource Booking

Resource Booking is a critical aspect of workspace management that we help streamline. With our innovative solutions, employees can easily check the availability and reserve necessary resources, eliminating conflicts and ensuring smooth workflow.

Gaproc Media Workspace Management Solution FM Systems

Smart Lockers

With our Smart Lockers, we enhance security and convenience in the workplace. These digitally managed lockers allow for safe storage of personal items or documents, with access controlled via secure digital keys.


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